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Gitanjali Shinde



My name is Ramya Rajasekar. I have a 5th grader and 1st grader at Morning Creek Elementary.

I started volunteering in my older son’s preschool classroom. I have also had fun teaching art in the past few years.

I have appreciated all that the PTA enables for our kids such as running club, STEM etc..Now I’m glad to be a part of the PTA. I will be handling the Social media page and Peachjar for MCES PTA this year.

Ramya Rajasekar

Social Media and Peachjar


We have 2 daughters at Morning Creek and they both love Running Club.  My husband Alex and I are in charge of Running Club and love to see the kids staying healthy.  It is so rewarding getting to know the kids and seeing their smiles and excitement when they meet their goals.  We try to give monthly challenges so they can work on goals.  It is so important to teach these kids the importance of health and exercise.  We enjoy giving our time to these kids for an activity they really love.

Julie Vari

Running Club


My name is Alyssa Giovacchini. My son, Roxston, will be a fifth grader this year. I took on the room mom roll when he was in Kindergarten, it was all new to me, I was nervous, but I loved being able to help in the classroom and loved being a part of the MCES family. Since then, I have been lucky to be room mom for his classroom each year and last year even helped be a Room Mom Coordinator. For the last five years,  I  have also been assisting with the running club program, the Super Colts Program, helping in the work room, the Scholastic Book Fair, and often a part of the decorating team for events in the MPR and our annual auction fund raiser.  This year, I have taken over the Chair position for the Book Fair. I have always liked to be a behind the scenes helper and lend a hand wherever needed, which I will continue to do, but the book fair chair position became available,  so I agreed to take it on. 
This year, whether in person or virtually, you can count on me continue to help and support our amazing schoo

Alyssa Giovacchini

Book fair


My name is Kim Wilbers and I’m your chairperson for Supercolts. I have been volunteering at our school and participating in PTA for the last 6 years. My youngest kid will be a 3rd grader this year. The oldest two are in Highschool. I love all PTA and Foundations programs at MCES, but my heart goes out to Supercolts. With Supercolts we can do more than ‘just’ being a good student, we can be a good human too. Helping eachother out in difficult times is very important, remember, we’re all in this together.

Kim Wilbers

Super Colts


My name is Cheryl Hillman. My oldest son is now in 3rd grade, my daughter is in 1st grade, and my youngest son is in 4 year old preschool.  All three of my children started Morning Creek in the Preschool program, we’re on our 6th straight and final year!  I am a stay-at-home mom who enjoys volunteering in the classrooms when I can.  This is my second year as the School Supplies chair.  With the help of Lydia Torres and Rahbeka Harris, we have fun promoting the importance of supporting our students, teachers and the PTA. 

Cheryl Hillman

School supplies


Dora Ramos

Multicultural Night


Most of the MCES community knows me as Raj. My kids will be in 3nd and 5th grade at Morning Creek this year.   I am a Research Scientist and play Pickleball when I am not working/volunteering. I will chair the new STEM program we started last year with Jamie Lawson .

Dr. Rajdeep Singh

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Building on the excellent work of Daman and Raj last year, my goal in administering the website this year is to maintain as much of the infrastructure they've built as I can while creating some instructions to focus on sustainability of our website in the future.  If you're able to help, please let me know!

Brett Goldsmith
Website Admin

My name is Lata Srinivasan and I am the Art Chair of Morning Creek. I have 3 kids in school who will be going to third and first grade. I started my volunteer work teaching art when my oldest was in kindergarten. Thanks to the encouragement of Ms. Higgins who was my child’s kindergarten teacher I introduced a lot of different hands on art techniques for the kids. Towards the end of the year I was asked by the PTA to head the Art Department. My journey being an Art Teacher volunteer and heading the Department has been very rewarding. To see the smiles on the kids faces as they enjoy doing art is priceless. Art is therapeutic. It encourages children to think outside the box and we need it now more than ever. I am hoping that we continue to provide this experience for the kids in the coming year.

Lata Srinivasan

Art Education


Chay Hawkinson
Room Parent Coordinator