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Running Club Statistics 2022-2023

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1st/2nd Grades ran 9 sessions

3rd/4th/5th Grades ran 14 sessions

Mileage by Grade

1st Place = 5th Grade 1392 miles

2nd Place = 3rd Grade 1354 miles

3rd Place 4th Grade 1221 miles

4th Place = 2nd Grade 786 miles

5th Place = 1st Grade 553 miles

Mileage by Class

1st Grade 1st Place = Lape (202)  2nd Place = Bassett (186)

2nd Grade 1st Place = Boucher (211)  2nd Place = Seabolt (205)

3rd Grade 1st Place = Heinzman (380)  2nd Place = Mooney (339)

4th Grade 1st Place = Hoffman (422) 2nd Place = Buddin (407)

5th Grade 1st Place = Brown (378)  2nd Place = Martinez (367)

Fun Fact

The entire 1st thru 5th grade classes have accumulated 5,419 miles total,

nearly equivalent to driving to New York and back again.

Mileage by Runner, Sorted by Grade Level
Note: If you see runners with duplicate names listed, it's because they received a replacement electronic tag.

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