PTA_ID Instructions

Important Note:

Before a child can submit a STEM or Fitness Challenge, they will need a PTA_ID. PTA_ID is equivalent to the 'Shoe Token' kids use for Running Club, except we will use it for virtual challenges.

  • Step 1: Parents (or kids) can request a unique PTA_ID associated with the child from the teacher. 

  • Step 2: Kids can then enter their submissions on the website using this PTA_ID. Kids will earn points and prizes, and also be able to track their activity, as well as their grade and classroom activity.

Parents can choose to add kids to their profile using this unique PTA_ID. Once added, parents will be able to view their child's activities right from their profile, in near future.

If you registered to view your kid's classroom posting, use the same email to login and update your profile.