Important Note:

Kids will need a PTA_ID to submit/share their work. Parents (or kids) can request a unique PTA_ID associated with the child from the teacher. 

Example(s) for each colors of kindness:

  1. Red (Being Kind to Yourself)

    1.  Do your PE activity daily. 

  2. Orange (Kindness by Sharing)

    1. Give food or toys to families in need.

  3. Yellow (Kindness with Helping hands)

    1. Help your parents with a household chore.

    2. Draw an art piece for your grandparents.

  4. Blue (Kindness through your words)

    1. Share a kindness quote with your friends.

    2. Give your friend or someone a complement (say something nice that you like about them).

  5. Green (Kindness through love)

    1. Pay a visit all your grandparents or family you have not seen​.

  6. Indigo (Kindness through Intuition - knowing Right from Wrong) 

    1. Do the right thing even when no one is looking​.

    2. Help a friend if you see them being treated unfairly.

  7. Violet (Kindness through Wisdom - your Big Ideas are kind)

    1. Share how you can make the world a better place​

You can share any one or more of these. Write/Draw your story/example for your color of kindness, take a picture and get started by clicking the link below.