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Challenge Point System Details

Kids learn from many sources. This year we would like them to be explorers. We will challenge the kids to explore different dimensions of their personalities and help them in achieving different pillars of the Colt character.

The challenges we pose are going to range in complexity but there will always be something kids can do to learn, have fun, and build a nice portfolio that they can look back at and feel proud of themselves.

We started this year with Logo/STEM activities and have received a reasonable response so far. We planned during the summer keeping in mind the challenges of virtual learning, restricted on-campus environment, and the need to support our teachers, children, and families. With almost a month into our first trimester, we are launching broader challenges/activities for our kids. 


The following categories are not complete but a good start for the Colts.


  • Learning - Up to a 100 points can be earned for each challenge. Each STEM challenge presents the Colts with mostly a hands-on activity that teaches them about science principles and experiments. We will also give monthly prize for selected STEM challenges for each group-grade level.

  • Fitness - 10 points for 20 minutes or more of PE activity per day - total 50 points every week. We all miss Running Club, PE, and exploration. Until we can all enjoy our in-person running routine, we want to motivate our Colts to stay active and fit by doing exercises and outdoor activities safely in their homes and communities. Starting October 16th, kids can collect points for daily PE activity they do during the week.

  • Participation - 30 points for attending each Meet the Expert sessions. We started our Meet the Expert series with a Scientist. We plan to continue our Meet the Expert series at least monthly with a few fun and surprising guests lined up.

  • Leadership - 50 points for sharing knowledge or demo on a new topic via a video or a presentation. 

  • Service - Up to 100 points for an act of service to the community. For example, record a half hour Art session for a classroom.

  • Character50 points. Teachers will nominate 1 kid every month from their classroom for each of the following categories Responsibility, Caring, Teamwork, Citizenship. 

  • Environment Champion  - Planning in progress.

  • Safety  - Planning in progress.

The challenges will be evaluated and the points scaled for each grade-level for fairness.

On reaching different milestones kids will receive rewards as shown in the chart below.